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Program Overview

The combined programs in Mathematics and Engineering are ideally suited for students interested in a mathematical perspective on engineering. Students may enrol through either the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science or the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students enrolling through the Faculty of Applied Science, while receiving their degree from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, will receive an Engineering graduate degree, and so will have the same career options available to them as graduates from standard Engineering graduate programmes. Graduate students in Mathematics and Engineering come from a variety of backgrounds: mathematics; applied mathematics; electrical engineering; mechanical engineering.


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Communication Theory
  • Control Theory
  • Signal Processing

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Why MEng?

The Master of Engineering (MEng) is an eight month coursework based graduate program that is designed for engineering graduates who want to enhance their technical and professional skills to have a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Why Queen’s for your MEng?

Queen’s Engineering has leading-edge faculty, state of the art facilities and a customizable program to help you enhance your employment opportunities.

Program Details:

The requirement for the MEng degree is eight courses. Two of the courses can be at the 400 undergraduate level. Students are eligible to take any course listed in the Graduate Calendar, as long as at least four of the courses are taken from their home department. Students generally take a set of courses that fit their background and interests.