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Why MEng?

The Master of Engineering (MEng) is an eight month coursework based graduate program that is designed for engineering graduates who want to enhance their technical and professional skills to have a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Why Queen’s University for your Master of Engineering?

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen’s University has leading-edge faculty, state of the art facilities and a customizable program to help you enhance your employment opportunities.

The flexibility of the program enables students to enroll in courses that will directly enhance their employability in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics, Geological Engineering, Mathematics Engineering, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and Mining Engineering. You can customize the Queen’s Master of Engineering to suit your goals with specializations available in areas such as power electronics, robotics and software engineering. Or, consider our exciting new Master of Engineering in Applied Sustainability.

Both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering provide a unique industrial internship option. This option suits students who are interested in developing advanced management skills while gaining real-world experience.

Program Details:

The requirement for the Master of Engineering degree is eight courses. Two of the courses can be at the 400 undergraduate level. Students are eligible to take any course listed in the Graduate Calendar, as long as at least four of the courses are taken from their home department. Students generally take a set of courses that fit their background and interests.

For further information on available courses, follow the links below to the engineering program of your choice:

Sample Program Specifications: (Taken from ECE)

Course based routes:
1. Eight courses.
It is expected that the student will complete the program in eight months (two terms). There are no Electrical and Computer Engineering Department courses offered in the spring / summer term.
2. Six courses and ELEC-898

Internship routes: students gain real-world industrial work experience solving a research or development problem related to a particular industry partner's research needs.
3. Seven courses, ELEC-895 and a 4 month industrial internship


For a Master of Engineering, a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or closely related Science field (e.g. Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics) is required.

The minimum academic requirement for admission is a cumulative average of 70% or a B- or a GPA of 2.7/4.0. Proficiency in English is a requirement for admission. Applicants whose native language is not English will be required to obtain satisfactory standing in English language proficiency tests before their application can be considered for admission. The minimum score is 550 for TOEFL2 (paper based) or 88 for TOEFL (internet based).

The above are the minimum requirements. Individual programs may have higher entrance requirements. Details by program can be found here: Application Requirements Table.